Southerner, Healer, Innovator.

Everything Walt Larisey has ever done lead him to this: Becoming an expert in treating narcotics abuse at the very moment opioid addiction is at an all-time high. This is the most satisfying and important work he has done in his professional career development.

After developing and leading the anesthesia department in Tuscaloosa’s Druid City Medical Center for 14 years, Dr. Larisey used his expertise to open a successful pain management and rehab clinic. He didn’t stop there. Dr. Larisey then took on years of additional training in anesthesia and pain management, along with a tour across the U.S., gaining a profound understanding of the needs of opioid victims and their families.

Dr. Larisey’s approach blends the latest in effective, legal medication with a compassionate approach that emphasizes honest communication with the patient, reduces patient anxiety, increases self-esteem, and encourages a family focus…all in an outpatient setting.

“My approach to therapy is teamwork between the doctor and patient, with total honesty between each other to achieve the best results,” says Dr. Larisey, who says the relationship between doctor and patient is critical to success.

Success for Dr. Larisey means A New Life for the patient… with a return to physical fitness, gainful employment, a repaired family life, and a renewed sense of self and hope.

Helping to improve a warm and loving relationship within families is a key goal in our treatment.