New Life Clinic is renewal for people struggling with Narcotic Addiction or Dependency & its terrible consequences.

Maybe it started with an injury. Maybe it’s the aftermath of surgery. Making matters worse, the ongoing search for pain relief has lead to a cycle of dependence on larger and larger doses of narcotics. Over time, people stuck in these terrible circumstances often turn to illegal sources or excessive medical dosing to meet their growing need for narcotics.

That’s where New Life Clinic finds its purpose…offering real hope for people stuck in this painful cycle. We focus first on using Suboxone or an appropriate mediation given as a script to stop narcotic cravings and withdrawals.  Our treatment goal is to find safe and effective means of bringing our patients a normal, positive, and productive life.

Our clinic uses modern medications and develops a specific treatment plan for each patient, designed to meet the individual’s particular needs. At New Life Clinic, you will find respect, compassion, and a successful approach to guide you out of dependency.

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A New Approach to opioid addiction & dependency…for A New Life


Southerner, Healer, Innovator.

Everything Walt Larisey has ever done lead him to this: Becoming an expert in treating narcotics abuse at the very moment opioid addiction is at an all-time high. This is the most satisfying and important work he has done in his professional career development.

After developing and leading the anesthesia department in Tuscaloosa’s Druid City Medical Center for 14 years, Dr. Larisey used his expertise to open a successful pain management and rehab clinic. He didn’t stop there. Dr. Larisey then took on years of additional training in anesthesia and pain management, along with a tour across the U.S., gaining a profound understanding of the needs of opioid victims and their families.

Dr. Larisey’s approach blends the latest in effective, legal medication with a compassionate approach that emphasizes honest communication with the patient, reduces patient anxiety, increases self-esteem, and encourages a family focus…all in an outpatient setting.

A New Life begins here

Freedom from Addiction & Dependency, Freedom from Pain… for a New Life


New Life Clinic will tailor a treatment to your precise needs for your circumstances and your life. These are some of the services you can expect, conducted to HIPPA standards with full confidentiality and discretion:

  • Physical Exam, Drug screening & Urinalysis
  • Detailed discussion of your history and consequences of narcotic use
  • A personalized treatment plan that takes into account your involvement/feedback, with prescriptions based on this new plan to begin treatment immediately after your first visit.
  • Suboxone therapy combined with the latest techniques in physical rehabilitation.
  • Follow-up monitoring at the clinic within a week or sooner.
  • 24-hour phone access to our clinic for consultation.
  • A transition to wellness that typically occurs over two weeks with minimal discomfort.
  • Monthly re-evaluation appointments after stabilization for ongoing medication management and support.
  • Pain level evaluations on a continuing basis to find additional ways to decrease your pain incrementally. If chronic pain is a separate part of the initial diagnosis, this will be managed by the physician.


With the right circumstances, we believe family support and encouragement are helpful to the patient, and we will often recommend outside counseling that could bring additional benefit.

New Life Clinic does not accept insurance.  However, our program is reasonably priced to be affordable to everyone. We accept Visa, MC, and Cash.


Patients are enthusiastic about the significant cost reduction with our program versus the cost of street drugs.  Our medications are legal!

A NEW WEAPON against opioid addiction and dependency

A NEW LIFE for you


A New Life Begins Here

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(478) 453-0005



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(478) 453-0005


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